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Year 4 - Windsor

Welcome to the Windsor Class page where you can keep up to date with what your children are up to and what they will be doing next. 

Myself (Mrs Lobb) and Miss Ward have been really impressed with the positive attitude the children have brought back with them and at how friendly and supportive towards each other they are.  Our two new class members have been welcomed with open arms and lots of smiles. 

In this half term our topic is 'I will survive.'  The children will learn about the human skeleton and digestive system and compare these to other animals.  They will investigate the importance of a healthy diet and the importance of teeth and keeping these clean.  The home learning will allow the children to create projects about this topic and we look forward to seeing all the models, posters, explanation texts that they create. 




Second Spring half term:

This half term our topic is River Deep Mountain High.  The children will be learning all about the water cycle and how rivers are formed. 

The children have really enjoyed the science learning over the last couple of days.  They have worked hard in groups and performed a number of investigations using 'fair testing'.  Dr Spice helped the children to investigate the kidnap and ransom of poor Camelot, the children used chromatography to analyse the ink on the ransom note to discover the culprit.  in class we have created a Lava lamp, experimented with static electricity and looked at the effect of different liquids on egg shells.


Next week the children will be taking part in a River walk.  Please sign and return the permission slip as soon as possible.