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Read on to find out more about our school governors.

Louise Maratos


(Chair of Governors)

I became a parent governor and chair at Knights Enham Junior school in July 2018. I am a Chartered chemical engineer and aim to bring my work skills to the governing board team, as well as bringing a parent perspective to the governing body. I have a specialist interest in science and maths. My aim is to be able to make a positive contribution to the school, every child’s education and play an active role in driving school improvement and help the school grow from strength to strength.

Jasper Falk


(Vice Chair of Governors

Originally from London I moved to Andover in 2005. I joined the Governing Board in 2018 as a co-opted Governor as I have a real desire to help where I can in local education. KEJS is a lovely school with a warm welcoming atmosphere and aspirational ethos. I am delighted to be part of the team here. Having worked in finance for the majority of my career I have a particular interest in assisting the school uses its resources as effectively as possible. I have 4 teenage children who keep me busy and I love to play football when I get the chance.

Lynsay Scratchley


(Co-opted Governor)

I've lived in and around Andover my whole life. Juggling full-time work at Army Headquarters as an accountant for a busy and demanding department, and mum of 2 very busy children is a challenge. Supporting my husband in his own business and finding time to enjoy family life is a priority. I'm passionate about children's education and I want to make available as many
opportunities for learning as possible.

Lisa Matthews


(Co-opted Governor)

I have been a resident in Andover for the last 30 years and have two grown-up children.  I work full time at Army Headquarters, primarily focussed on finance and Human Resources, I aim to bring these skills to Knights Enham Junior School to add value and have a positive impact on the school where possible.  I am a co-opted governor, a position I took up in late 2019 and I am delighted to be part of the team which aims to improve the experience our children encounter on their learning and educational journey.

Sarah Moss


(Co-opted Governor)

As a local resident and an employee with managerial responsibilities, life can be full and challenging, especially as a mother of young twins.  I have always felt a passion for assisting in creating a positive school environment for all children; offering opportunities and experiences to all, regardless of their personal circumstances.  I believe in creating a pathway for children that enables access to quality education in a safe, enjoyable environment that promotes challenge, provides support, and encourages all children to thrive.  I place great value on the early opportunities offered to our children, and I’m passionate about the promotion of wellbeing for all – be it children or staff.  Having worked within rehabilitation units and now in a customer service environment, my personal values are to help wherever I am capable of.

Simone Borrough


(Staff Governor)

I am the staff governor for Knights Enham Junior School. I have worked at Knights Enham since 2014 and led PE, Art and English over the years. I have enjoyed being part of the governing body- seeing how the school operates from a different point of view and also representing the staff. I am currently on maternity leave but have remained the staff governor to ensure that I continue to be part of the school moving forward. 

Daniel Whitehouse



I was appointed as Headteacher in January 2021. Prior to this, I have spent 10 years as a Deputy Head in a primary school and a junior school. Being a father of two, I am very much aware of the responsibility that my staff and I have in ensuring that the highest standard of teaching and learning is achieved. We have a hugely committed team and wonderful children, which of course, is a great place for any Headteacher to start! Our aim is to create the best education for your children whilst they are members of our school family.

Phil Sheppard


(Elected Parent Governor)

I have a broad range of experience in educational settings have completed my education and passing A levels, a national diploma and currently a year away from completing a degree in environmental science. Studying this degree has taught me many skills and broader my scientific knowledge. I hope to work in the renewable market or as an environmental consultant once I've completed this degree. I have previously worked in the construction industry, landscaping and also as a gardener but had a dream, set a goal then set about doing it! I have  two daughters in attendance at Knights Enham whom I bring up alone so understand the hardships single parents encounter and hope to represent this on  this board

Azaria Leavesley


(Elected Parent Governor)

I have four daughters, one is now in secondary school having attended Knights Enham Juniors and two currently attend. 

I have a wide knowledge of SEND and Mental health issues. I am passionate about supporting both adults and children to achieve the best to their ability. 

Lynn Bird


(Co-opted Governor)

Having lived in France for 8 years, I moved to Andover in 2012. I have recently been co-opted as a Governor and have previously been a Town Councillor and on the board of a family charity. My grandson attends the school so I have an active interest in what is happening. I have previous experience in facilities management including Health and Safety.

I believe that a good education is a foundation for every child to assist them to meet challenges they will experience as they go through life.