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Our Vision


At Knights Enham Junior School we provide… 

Inclusive and ambitious learning experiences where our school community feels safe and motivated to achieve their best.


Our School Values - The Knights' Way

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School Values 

At Knights Enham Junior School, we have five simple learning behaviour rules (The Knight’s Ways) that encapsulate our vision and promote our values, which all members of the school community are expected to adhere to:


  • Be Respectful
  • Be Resilient
  • Be Collaborative
  • Be Nurturing
  • Be Independent


Collecting House points

The new House point system will be used across the school to collect individual House points. The children can gain House points by modelling good learning behaviours linked to the five school values.


Children will aim to achieve 50 House points for each value in the Knight’s Way:

  • To be Respectful = 50 House points
  • To be Resilient = 50 House points
  • To be Collaborative = 50 House points
  • To be Nurturing = 50 House points
  • To be Independent = 50 House points


Once a child has successfully gained all 50 House points for each value they will then receive the values badge for their year group. This will be shared in assembly. The children will also receive a raffle ticket for each value achieved and a sticker to celebrate their achievements. The raffle will take place at the end of each half term. Once a child has received their values badge for collecting 50 House points for each value, they can they aim to achieve more raffle tickets for every 50 House points they gain.


At the end of the week, the House Captains will print off a report for each class. They will use the information to announce the winning house for the week.


Values Classroom Display

To celebrate the children’s achievements with their House points, they will add a sticker next their name and under the value they have already achieved.


A weekly report of the number of House points the children have achieved will be printed off each week and put on display. This will allow children to refer to and support their learning behaviours in class.