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Our Vision


At Knights Enham Junior School we provide… 

Inclusive and ambitious learning experiences where our school community feels safe and motivated to achieve their best.


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Knights Enham Junior School Values


The following guidelines will provide support in recognising and assessing pupil development of the key skills for life associated with the 5 core learning values at Knights Enham Junior School.


The guidelines do not refer to teaching staff and teaching assistants separately, but to adults working with children. This is because all staff will share the role of encouraging and recognising the development of these core values within the children.


The guidelines are arranged according to each value.

A list of skills for each value will allow adults working with the children to focus on developing the correct levels of skills for the majority of the children they teach.


The ultimate goal is the end of key stage full accreditation, to be presented by the Head Teacher.


At the end of the key stage, pupils will have had the opportunity to demonstrate the skills and attributes relating to each core value at an increasingly broad and sophisticated level.


By the end of year 6, it is anticipated that the majority of pupils will have demonstrated sufficient skills development to be given full accreditation of the award. Other pupils will have had the opportunity to be awarded recognition of their own personal development in relation to the value awards for previous year groups, to be awarded by Headteacher too.


The Knights' Way


   Everyone in our school follows the Knights' Way. 

We believe that Knights Should Always:


Be Safe 

Be Respectful 

Be Your Best 


"Together We Achieve"